“I hope there is no glass ceiling but I am not sure that all…appreciate the difficulties that a woman (particularly one with caring responsibilities) may face”

Lady Justice Heather Hallett

Whether for female lawyers individually, or for law firms and barristers’ chambers focusing on the retention of talented women role models in the legal profession, the coaching I provide is tailored to the client’s specific needs and desired outcomes.

When a Public Personnel Management Association study compared the impact of coaching and training, it found training increased productivity by 22%.

Coaching increased productivity by an impressive 88%.


So if you are seeking to achieve success and significantly increased productivity, whether as a business or personally, coaching is a tried and tested solution which will deliver.

I provide One to One and Corporate Coaching in powerful, regular sessions over an agreed time-period, defining identifiable goals and measurable outcomes, together with group workshops, in the following areas:


Including coaching as a promotional benefit, or for promotion, new positions/ projects, business start-ups and career- break returners


Targeting wellness/ resilience/ fulfilment in the work place, and productivity/ time-management


Incorporating presentation skills


Bespoke Corporate Coaching / Workshops also available, with experience in delivering “Business Kick-Start”, “Springboard to Success”, “Life balance” & “Consistent Retail Success” workshops/ training


Through a series of very powerful sessions with Nikki, she helped me break down what I needed to do [to change career] and helped me commit to doing it. Nikki was so effective because she was entirely flexible with me, listened to what I said and adapted her Coaching accordingly. Nikki is very approachable and friendly, an excellent listener and a very kind, non-judgemental person. Excellent coaching by Nikki which was much appreciated and has been very effective even to the present day.

Laura, Solicitor