“Always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody says distract you from your goals

Michelle Obama

Corporate and Executive Coach for Lawyers and Female Professionals  

Experience & Specialist Skills

My unique coaching style combines corporate and executive coach training with experience as a female barrister. I spent 19 years at the Criminal Bar whilst latterly training to prepare for career transition from barrister to specialist corporate and executive coach.

To learn more about my career journey to date, click here to take you to an article featured in the Yorkshire Post Business Section.

My extensive experience includes leadership, business and career coaching, business training and development, and confidence and personal coaching for lawyers. I support clients move from where they currently are to where they want to be, fulfil their potential and achieve results, more quickly than they otherwise would.  My clients will always receive my 100% commitment to their success.

Approachable, and a seasoned communicator, I use active listening skills and clear, focused questioning to motivate and inspire. My adaptable coaching style is flexible to meet client need. I pride myself on an open, honest, authentic and occasionally challenging approach.

I have particular experience as a corporate and executive coach for female lawyers and talk the same language, given my background as a barrister. I understand the expectations of the legal profession on lawyers, in terms of

  • approach, work-load and targets;
  • the challenges of working flexibly and retaining talented women in senior corporate roles; and
  • the importance of career progression to reach one’s full potential.

I would be delighted to assist you on your own path to further professional and personal success. Contact me for a preliminary, no obligation consultation to find out how I might do so.

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Koru is the Maori word for “loop” and is the name given to an unfurling frond of silver fern, New Zealand’s national plant.

The spiral shaped Koru design derived from this is frequently seen in Maori art, carvings, tattoos and Pounamu “Greenstone” jewellery. This nephrite jade stone is highly prized by Maoris both physically and spiritually.

The unfurling frond signifies positive change, personal growth, a new phase in life, strength, perfection and peace. The circular shape conveys the idea of perpetual movement while the inner coil suggests a return to the point of origin.

One of my many professional and personal growth experiences was living and working as a barrister in Wellington, New Zealand. There I became very familiar with the country, its people and symbolism, making this particular design an appropriate fit for the Mission Statement of Nikki Alderson Coaching: positive change, growth, new beginnings.

I came across Nikki through LinkedIn…  Having spent many years absolutely loving my career, I found myself at a crossroads – unhappy in my current position but unsure exactly what I wanted. Being very busy at work, I had also struggled to devote any quality time to the idea of how best to progress my career. Nikki took the time, over a couple of telephone calls and without any pressure, to discuss what coaching entailed and how it could assist me. Having explained how the process works, I embarked on a series of sessions, still not entirely sure what to expect. 
Quite simply, the coaching has been transformative! Nikki has gently guided me to a better understanding of how I work most effectively and helped me focus on what it is I want out of my career and how best to go about getting it.  She has provided me with some simple tools to break down my goals into bite-sized, achieveable objectives and to avoid a sense of overwhelm. From the very first session, I have felt like a new woman – enthused, optimistic, efficient and effective.  I have recovered the postive mind-set I lost some time ago and now feel excited about the possibilities open to me

Rachel, Law Firm Partner