“We need to celebrate stories by women for women, as just one more way to redress gender injustice”

Shami Chakrabati

Highly Recommended Coaching for Lawyers


I met Nikki when she gave a coaching session to the Women in Criminal Law network. Nikki’s journey to coaching was inspiring and her approach was friendly and positive. As a result I contacted Nikki to arrange some personal coaching sessions. Nikki was immediately responsive, supportive and flexible to my needs. I found the coaching sessions thought provoking. The key thing for me was Nikki’s ability to help me break down challenges into bite sized tasks, which made them feel less daunting. Nikki encouraged me to think outside the box and look at the issues I was facing in a different way. Nikki is very easy to talk to, she is an excellent listener and gives helpful, constructive feedback. Nikki is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for professional coaching.

Joanne, Solicitor


I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Nikki- a much needed confidence boost following my return to work after maternity leave number 2. Nikki really took the time to understand my needs, I found her helpful, empathetic and inspiring.Through her coaching sessions and book recommendations, Nikki has helped me unlock the tools I already had to be my own life coach, be my own mentor, and strive for the career progression and work life balance that’s right for me.Thank you, Nikki

Natalie, Solicitor

Nikki has an amazing attention to detail and is extremely thorough in her analysis of the issues which you are working through by helping you to see them in a different, positive light. I have already seen the benefit of Nikki’s sessions by reflecting on the first session I had with Nikki to where I am now; Nikki has boosted my confidence, drive and motivation since day one. Nikki meticulously follows up the sessions and is tenacious in her approach. I can vouch that Nikki is certainly making waves!

Jane, Solicitor

I found coaching thought provoking and a chance to reflect on achievements as well as look at areas that I wanted to change. Sometimes busy business owners who are required to work in the business as well as on the business can find it difficult to tease out of themselves how they can achieve their goals. Nikki prompts you with the correct questions, allowing you to focus on where you are heading and how you want to get there. Highly recommend having a session with Nikki
Samira, Owner/ Manager, Solicitors firm

Having Nikki as a coach has supported me and helped me to progress on goals more quickly than I would have done without coaching. Nikki is a great coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering hiring a coach.

Amanda, Self Employed Business Owner

Through a series of very powerful sessions with Nikki, she helped me break down what I needed to do [to change career] and helped me commit to doing it. Nikki was so effective because she was entirely flexible with me, listened to what I said and adapted her Coaching accordingly. Nikki is very approachable and friendly, an excellent listener and a very kind, non-judgemental person. Excellent coaching by Nikki which was much appreciated and has been very effective even to the present day.

Laura, Solicitor

Overall impact of coaching: very positive experience. Have come away with practical actions and tools for driving business forward and making it work for myself.

Lauren, Speech and Language Therapist

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the [targeted] session, but Nikki was a true professional in dissecting my aims and giving me clear goals to focus upon.  Not only that, I was able to clearly identify my strengths and weaknesses and then plan strategies to realise my goals.  The confidence and assurance I now feel in realising my objectives has been an eye opening journey.  I cannot thank Nikki enough.

Safia, Solicitor

The overall impact of the coaching has been very positive. The coaching sessions themselves, together with the action plans agreed at each session, have enabled me to focus on improvements and achievements of goals in:  work/life balance, confidence building, training and development. The coaching has given me the opportunity and motivation to spend time and effort on achieving goals in areas for improvement, something which just would not have happened otherwise. The Coach has been very effective in focusing discussion on achieving specific goals and actions and not allowing me to drift. If only all work-related meetings were like this!

Stephen, Quango Director

The coaching sessions I have had with Nikki have made me more enthusiastic about my career. Nikki’s coaching has helped to give me a forward-thinking approach to my current job, my future career and the progression that is required to achieve those goals. I found Nikki’s knowledge of my sector invaluable and a really useful tool in guiding me through the complexities of progressing in the legal field. Nikki’s method is geared towards getting you to think about what you are doing, where you want to go, and how you are going to get there. I found Nikki to be approachable, a clear communicator and a good motivator.

Mustafa, Solicitor

Absolutely brilliant workshop. Thank you, Nikki, for equipping us to move our businesses forward with great coaching tools and tips.

Rachel, Speech and Language Therapist

The sessions have helped me focus on the goals set and ultimately helped me achieve or work towards achieving my working “goals”.

Alison, Corporate Manager

The coaching sessions with Nikki have greatly helped me to focus on and improve specific areas of my life, e.g. my confidence when speaking in front of groups, and communication skills. My work/life balance has greatly improved. I would not hesitate to contact Nikki if I need further coaching in the future, or recommend her as a coach to those thinking about using such services.

Tracy, Quango Employee

Helpful tools and very useful to have time for reflection and focus on myself and my business.

Kathryn, Speech and Language Therapist

Overall impact of coaching: very positive. The coaching helped me to define one goal and work out what needs to be done to make it happen.

John, Self Employed Business Owner

The workshop was fantastic. Really useful space to reflect on my business with some tangible outcomes and a starting point for action.

Gill, Self Employed Business Owners’ Committee Chair

The  impact of Nikki’s coaching in only 6 weeks has been to convince me that my goal is easily achievable which is a great feeling. Also I have discovered a more effective approach to take me to my goal. I am no longer stuck, and I am moving closer and closer to where I want to be.

Debra, HR Professional

I recently had a one-to-one coaching session with Nikki where we primarily discussed time management. Nikki has helped me to think about how I can use my time effectively and what I really would like to achieve (and most importantly, when I want to achieve it by). I would highly recommend Nikki’s services.

Marion, Architect

The coaching session was marvellous as it encompassed the areas I really needed to focus on. Before, I was overwhelmed with things to do and new ideas but felt paralysed when needing to put them into action. This session challenged me to look at my aims, how I was going to achieve them & prioritise what needed doing. Knowing how I was going to do it enabled me to have a clear path to achieving my objectives and grow the business. I even give myself timescales which is always a scary thing to do.

Gill, Business Development Director

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